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MILLENNIUM 3' (0.9m)

Ultimate Ku-Band Satellite Tracking

Welcome to the new world of Ku-Band satellite tracking, be it DBS programming or information services.  It starts here with the Paraclipse 90cm Offset Antenna.  A precision formed unit with innovative designs.

Millennium 3' (0.9m) antenna
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Milennium 3' (90cm)

The 90cm Antenna is a stretchformed precision paraboloid that is free of surface deformities, ripples and flat spots.  The perfect antenna to provide years of trouble free service.  An antenna truly for the new millennium.


Antenna features:

Millennium 3' (90cm) mount

AZ-EL Mount

Rim design of Millennium 90cm
Outer Rim Design
Millennium 0.9m LNB Holder
LNB Holder


Design Features:
Unique Reinforced Outer Rim Design.
Heavy .034" Galvanealed Steel.
Corvel Pachyderm Textured Powdercoat.
Dubois "Secure" Iron Phosphatizer Rust Inhibitor.
Pachyderm Gray Color.
500 Hour Salt Spray Tested.
Self Aligning Feed Assembly - Pre-Set Focal Distance.
Adjustable LNBF Feed Clamp (25mm or 40mm).
Pole Mount Stop Tab.
Feed Tube Cable Slot.
Feed Tube Rain Cap (prevents split feed supports from winter freezes).


Optional features:
Wall Mount.  - 

Millennium 3' (90cm) optional wall mount



Ku-band Gain 39.4 dB
Ku-band Beamwidth 1.8
Ku-band First Side Lobe -23.4 dB
Frequency Range 10.95 - 12.75 GHz
Efficiency 71%
F/D Ratio 0.65
Focal Distance 26.125" (66.36cm)
Operational Wind 60 mph (97 kph)
Survival Wind 125 mph (201 kph)



All Paraclipse antennas have a one-year limited warranty. Please see warranty policy for details.


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